Our students send us mail….

I’ve been in Law Enforcement, military, civilian and federal for over thirty years. I was in your basic concealed carry class this past Sunday, and I have to say I learned more in your class in one day than I’ve learned in a long, long time. I’ve never met someone with as much passion as you have for teaching the art of safely handling and carrying of concealable firearms. I expected to spend part of the day fighting sleep as I sat through boring information I’d heard before a thousand times. But this was exactly opposite of that. I’d recommend your training to anyone; from someone who has never held a gun before, to someone who’s been shooting their whole life. Keep up the good work!


Thanks again for the class Greg, it was very helpful. Much better than I was expecting when I heard “state mandated 8-hour training” I work for the state so as you can imagine my expectations were low but I learned a lot and I am glad I made the drive out.
Name witheld


Greg, Thanks for your good training, this made Fox 2 news.
A burglar attacked me in my home and demanded money while holding MY XD40 loaded & chambered. That is the only night I forgot to take it to bed.
After getting body slammed (broke 3 ribs) I knew I was dead, so I rolled over & got my Glock, racked & fired. Police say it was a good shoot. I was groggy when woke from a sound sleep and had milliseconds to make my decision. Thanks to your training I got one in him. I am still freaked out over it & feel even worse that I shot him but if I didn’t I would be dead.
Several channels wanted my interview but being still freaked I said ‘No comment’. Now I feel I should have done the interviews & told the news that without your training and methods I would be dead. So thanks for your excellent training course. Now I gotta go to Hillsboro with my bill of sale & try to get my guns back.


I really enjoyed your class last Sunday. I didn’t want to say anything at your class but I am a Commercial Motor Vehicle Officer for the Highway Patrol. I have attended Patrol gun classes for the last 15 years. I can honestly say that your class was the single best 8 hrs of any class I have attended in my 15 years with the Highway Patrol. As a law enforcement officer I went in to your class with low expectations and came out very impressed. You certainly have my endorsement for anyone wanting to take a CC class and feel free to quote me as one who endorses and recommends your school.
– Keith


I still carry everyday, and think about you a lot because I feel naked without my gun – and it just makes me remember things I learned from you. I practice drawing and shooting at least once a week, and I can honestly say your course changed my life, so thanks again. I’m glad I went to you, and will recommend anyone interested in obtaining their license to go to you, because I feel I learned things (especially economy of motion, drawing and stance, becoming comfortable with your gun, as well as vital safety rules) that I don’t believe I would have learned from other instructors. I would love to take some lessons from you, but I am short on funds right now. If funding becomes available in the future I will be asking to book some time with you, there are some things I would like refreshed on, and things regarding my stance and grouping I’m sure you could help me with.



I took your class on St. Patrick’s day (corned beef and cabbage for lunch…perfect), and I was looking to take your class again with my wife (she doesn’t have her CCW yet). Your class was extremely informative . . . . I would say that it was the single most useful educational experience of my life -and that is coming from someone with 2 bachelors and a masters. ______ happens to be my birthday and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than to do a little shooting and learn how to keep yourself a lot safer.


I have been shooting for 35 years with six years of military arms training and a member of the NRA. I learned much more than I thought I would, and I thought I knew quite a bit. First and foremost the techniques for safe handling are invaluable and I must thank you for emphasizing it so heavily. I have already re-taught my family safe handling of firearms. Furthermore, your approach to training is unprecedented by anything I have experienced as you had my full attention the entire day, which is saying something from a guy who can’t stay awake while sitting for any length of time. I truly learned a great deal and will recommend you to anyone who will listen! Thanks,
– Roy


The class was far more than I ever expected, even after being recommended by a friend. Your presentation is a well rounded balance of practical, tactical, moral, and legal responsibility of owning a firearm, and carrying lethal force. Having been a target shooter and hunter, with long guns and handguns for 40+ years, I really didn’t believe that the class was anything more than meeting a state requirement. HOW WRONG I WAS! I learned more in 8 hours than I had in a lifetime of recreational gun use! And walked away realizing how much more I needed to learn. Your approach to teaching is easily understandable, and sensible.
– Bill


Truly eye opening experience today. I cannot thank you enough. You reinforced some thought processes I already had and showed me some bad habits that I need to unlearn. Today’s class was exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to learning more from you.
Army combat veteran, 249 gunner in Iraq


Thanks again for the outstanding CCW training and for allowing us to have our own training date last Thursday. I have spoken with our entire group since the class and they were all extremely satisfied . . . I was told by a friend that his CCW class from a different company was very cookie cutter and boring. He told me he felt like they were just covering the basic requirements of the training to push the folks thru. We were all very pleased to find that this was not the case with your program and everyone learned so much more than we thought we would. Your insight and techniques were outstanding.


We did not get a chance to personally thank you for the class today. You turned a bureaucratic requirement into a truly informative and interesting experience. I just wanted to get a chance to thank you one on one.
James, Master Sergeant, US Army

I just wanted to tell you thank you for the great class and great instruction. you helped me more in the last few days than i ever thought possible. i came to you because i was told by my friends that have taken your class that u were one of the best and i would have to agree. i was looking for something more helpful than just the minimum basic b.s. and you did not dissapoint, so THANK YOU!
– Jeremy


I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciated your firearm safety class. I appreciate the way you took extra time to instruct & demonstrate firearm safety to my family. As you know I have 5 kids 3 boys & 2 girls ages 5yo to 15yo. All of them enjoyed your class (and the lunch and hospitality your wife and kids showed them). I noticed the other day my boys were outside playing “guns” (as boys will do) and they were practicing the safety techniques that you taught them. (finger off the trigger, proper sight alignment) Also my littlest one came up to me on his own a few days later and said “Dad this is this a sight picture.” as he demonstrated with his fingers and hands. Thank you, the class was definitely worth the money we spent (which was hardly anything) and the patience and instruction you gave my kids and my wife and I was excellent. My wife and I plan on attending your CCW and advance classes in the near future. Thanks to you and to your wife and kids for a great time and educational experience.
– Jerel


Greg explained with great flare and complete joy, what to expect. Carrying a gun is a lot more than (just) that. From picking out a gun to all the reasons for laws and the understanding of them. With all his zest and the ability to teach one how carry a concealed weapon it’s the best thought out presentation, And with great insightful commentary. YOU WILL LEARN . . . . thanks greg.


It will be two years on Jan. 31st since I took your class with two of the guys I work with, and we still rave about how and what we learned from it. I just wanted to say “Thanks” again for the thorough training. I’m sure you think you just scratched the surface, but you instilled a different mindset in us. I can still picture myself listening to your presentations. We all recommend your class over any others as often as we can. I even recommend the class for those who don’t even want to carry just to give them the perspective of the situation.

Note for the reader: Every letter above was unsolicited, and none of these people knew me prior to showing up here for training.