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The New Prohibition


The New Prohibition


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Includes the essay: How Drug Laws Hurt Gunowners, by John Ross

Forward by Governor Jesse Ventura

Section I: Perspectives from Law Enforcement
1. Shoveling Hay in Mayberry, by Sheriff Bill Masters
2. Prohibition: The Enemy of Freedom, by Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret.)
3. Gangster Cops in the Drug War, by Chief Joseph McNamara (Ret.), Ph.D.
4. End Prohibition Now, by Lieutenant Jack Cole (Ret.)

Section II: Public Officials Speak Out
5. Policy is Not a Synonym for Justice, by Judge John L. Kane
6. A View of the Drug War from Capitol Hill, by Congressman Ron Paul, M.D.
7.Forging a New Consensus in the War on Drugs, by Mayor Kurt Schmoke (Ret.), J.D.

Section III: Harms of the Drug War
8. A Businessperson’s Guide to the Drug Problem, by Eric E. Sterling, J.D.
9. A Foreign Policy Disaster, by Mike Krause and David Kopel, J.D.
10. The Social Costs of a Moral Agenda, by Fatema Gunja
11. A Frightening New Trend in America, by Nicolas Eyle
12. How Drug Laws Hurt Gunowners, by John Ross
13. The Drug War as the Problem, by Doug Casey

Section IV: Answering the Prohibitionists
14. America’s Unjust Drug War, by Michael Huemer, Ph.D.
15. Drugs and Terror, by Ari Armstrong
16. Your Government Is Lying To You (Again) About Marijuana, by Paul Armentano and Keith Stroup, J.D.

Section V: Strategies for Reform
17. Liberal Versus Libertarian Views on Drug Legalization, by Jeffrey Miron, Ph.D.
18. Medicalization as an Alternative to the Drug War, by Jeffrey A. Singer, M.D.
19. My Arrest for Civil Disobedience, by Ron Crickenberger
20. Restoring Federalism in Drug Policy, by Jason P. Sorens, Ph.D.
21. Out From the Shadows, by David Borden