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Sniper’s Eyes


Sniper’s Eyes


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by J.T. Riebling – Hardcover, Fiction

“…a rollicking feast of guns, gear, and ‘black ops intrigue in the tradition of Tom Clancy, set against a sobering backdrop of high-tech bioterrorism. A fictional future that may become only too real.”
— Ed Siemon, Firearms Journalist



In Vienna, a computer tape is stolen from the Jewish Documentation Center and is offered for sale to the highest bidder. In New York City, the family of a sabra is killed in a bombing. On the Severyn River, close to Washington, D.C., the home of a retired Naval Captain and Viet Nam era sniper is assaulted. A cannibal recruited by an ex-KGB agent leaves Africa on a mission to kill one woman.

Seemingly unconnected events begin a bloody search for the bio-terror weapon which would change the balance of global power and kill more people than the influenza epidemic of 1918: estimated body count; one hundred million dead world wide in weeks. Genetically altered plasmids are not fiction, they are in production today.

“Sniper’s Eyes is the perfect modern thriller…well told, graphic sex and violence…politics, some of it joyfully incorrect…you might even learn something.”
— John Barsness, author of The Life of The Hunt