$50 Permitless Carry Classes


Do I apply for a license before taking training?

You take training FIRST.
To apply for a license you must be 19 years old and bring your training certificate with you. Application for a license to carry a gun in Missouri is made at the Sheriff of your county. If you live in St. Louis County, you apply in Clayton on the lower level of the old courthouse at the County Police records room. City of St. Louis residents apply to the city Sheriff. They will take your picture and fingerprints and up to $100. They then have 45 days to approve your application. You must return in person when notified to pick it up. It will list an expiration date in five years when you must return to the Sheriff to apply for a renewal. Renewals can cost up to $50 and there is no additional training required. However, many people return to us at that time to get an update on the laws and brush up on their skills.

Why drive to you? I can get a CCW class closer/cheaper/quicker.

We serve the student who believes, like we do, that it isn’t about paperwork it’s about training. There is a reason we train people from all over. We train the best and feel confident our students can make the right choice at the worst moment in their life and have the skills to prevail. Our students go the extra mile because they know split second decisions involving weapons require the best training and judgement.

I‘m looking to buy a gun. Do you sell them?

We used to. Now we just do training, so we have no conflict of interest recommending a gun or holster. In the carry class, we spend an hour on the good and bad aspects of how each type of mechanism operates. Individual consulting on a gun or holster purchase gets you advice from someone other than the person who’s selling it.

I don’t own a gun. Do you have a class for me?

Click the INTRO tab above. We’ll teach you safety and marksmanship and supply the gun and ammo for $60/person.

Do I have to shoot with a group?

In all our handgun classes, one person at a time shoots so you are working with your instructor 1 on 1.

What if it rains?

We have a comfortable, indoor range 10 minutes down the road so we can hold classes in any weather.

How large are your classes?

We hold them even if only one or two show up because we don’t require a group. Weekdays we might get 2 in a class. Weekends maybe 6.

What days do you do classes?

This isn’t a weekend thing for us. Professional handgun training happens here daily. If you need a certain day, just ask.

How long have you been handgun instructors?

Greg and Leilani have both been NRA certified instructors since 1993. They take ongoing training several times a year to improve. Greg works full time as a handgun instructor. He completed POST instructor certification at Law Enforcement Training Institute in 1995. He’s carried the same gun concealed the same way every day for 25 years and can tell you things about carrying a concealed weapon many others can only guess at.