Cost & Location


The fee for the legal class plus the defensive handgun class combined is $95/person (you need both to qualify for a CCW license). There is a $15 deposit when you sign up. Many who are already licensed find there is a lot more to our defensive handgun class than they knew. The Permitless Carry legal class combined with one of the gun classes make up a full day.

Click on the one you want to attend, fill out the form and sign up. We’ll send you an email confirming your class day and time(s) with a map attached.


We’re 35 minutes west on Gravois from 270. You could also take 44 to Eureka and cut over to 30 to get here (map sent when you sign-up). You can get a class closer if all you want are basics and paperwork. We’ll give you more. That’s the reason so many people come here. Click the reviews tab above to see what past students thought. We offer a higher level of training in a comfortable classroom with a covered shooting area right outside. Enjoy a little one on one range time with an instructor and qualify for a Concealed Carry License from Missouri, Florida or Maine in one 8 hour (8-4:30) class. We will change the way you operate with a handgun, especially if you have been shooting for years!

If you’re coming from the Cuba / Sullivan direction, it’s 10 minutes east of the Hwy 44 St. Clair exit on Hwy 30.

If you have a MO license you can take Defensive Handgun to get more training and we’ll give you the Permitless Carry Legal class for NO CHARGE. Join us for a day and learn some real defensive skills to get started on a higher level of training. Begin to understand pistolcraft as a martial art. (Questions? Call 314-691-5005 NO text). You may bring your own handguns and ammo. If you take the Intro, guns and ammo are included.


The course of fire is a 20 round qualification with either a revolver OR a semi-auto. You also need to to practice shooting 20 more rounds. Those who are new to handguns can click on the INTRO tab above and do the shooting privately in the Intro class with our guns if they wish.


First we extensively review proper handgun safety. Then the good and bad points of both semi-autos and revolvers, including the differing reloading drills. The Weaver stance vs. isosceles, proper grip, marksmanship fundamentals for target work and then as applied on the street. Cleaning and safe storage are touched on as well. After we are satisfied that everyone has a firm grasp of safe gun handling, you go to the range and shoot. Bring any food or drink you like and a handgun and ammo you want to shoot and eye and ear protection if you have them. NOTE: WE DO NOT SELL AMMO. I like to see people shoot guns they intend to carry, but not if it means buying your first one to take the class. If you’re new to handguns, take the INTRO first so you can make a more informed decision about what to buy. We do not sell guns, so we have NO conflict of interest when we recommend one for you. The afternoon session covers use of force and firearms laws, plus how to survive the court system later.

If you want good training, come be our guest for the day and study defensive techniques while you get your qualification done. We can teach you more in one day than you can learn in a lifetime of target shooting. People (who already have their permit) come from all over Missouri and Illinois to train here. They are so pleased that many return for more personal training in Advanced 1. We’ve been firearms instructors for almost 30 years and we don’t just teach the basic class the state requires, so we have a depth of knowledge that instructors who only teach a CCW class just don’t have. We do more classes than anybody which results in ours being HALF the size of most others. We would rather hold a couple of small classes per month than one large one. We’re so serious about defensive handgun training that we’ll set up a class for you on almost any day. If you would like to host a class we can even come to you! We travel all over to put on concealed carry permit classes for groups. Just ask for details.

Where should I apply for my Concealed Carry License?

You must apply for a Missouri concealed carry license in the county where you live. Permit fees vary in the St. Louis area.  Prices for local areas:

  • St. Louis County: $92
  • City of St. Louis: $100
  • St. Charles County: $100
  • Lincoln County: $100
  • Jefferson County: $100
  • Franklin County: $100.00
  • Washington County: $100
  • Warren County: $100
  • Phelps County: $100
  • Crawford County: $100
  • St. Genevieve: $100
  • Iron County: $100
  • Perry County: $100
  • Montgomery Count: $78.25