Our Constitutional Carry and the law class is $60 and includes all the legal updates and information for a CCW license. Gun safety, marksmanship and shooting the qualification for a CCW license is $60, so the total to qualify for a CCW license is $120. Both classes can be taken in one trip with one $20 reservation fee.

We try to have a few upcoming classes posted on the right side of this page,  but will do one any time someone needs it, weekend or weekday, so call me if you want to suggest a date and I’ll set one up for you. Just call Greg at 314-691-5005 with how many and what day and I’ll post it.

Our Handgun safety and marksmanship for beginners ($75, includes gun and ammo) or our defensive handgun training class ($60 using your gun) can be combined with the legal class so there are options for every skill level and you don’t have to take it all in one day if you don’t want to.

I am advising all who have a CCW to renew it when it expires and at least take the Legal class for an update. You don’t NEED a license anymore in Missouri but with one you will be able to carry in a lot of prohibited places that someone without a license may not. Also, having a gun in your car when in Illinois won’t be a felony if you have your MO license to carry (they allow car carry for licensees from other states). Many other states will let you carry on a license from your home state, so if you travel it’s good to have one. Additionally, if you ever have to use it and it goes to court, it will look better if you are licensed.

Everything you need to apply for a CCW license totals $120 (Defensive handgun + Legal class). If you’re going to carry a gun and it’s the only training you’ve had, it needs to be good. Check out the testimonials tab above for why. There is a $20/person fee if you shoot the submachinegun after class with your factory 9mm (no steel case ammo) Tell us in the morning so we know please, not at the last minute. Tell us how you’d like us to contact you, what your skill level is, what kind of guns, if any, you will be bringing and where you intend to apply for a carry concealed license. We will email you a PDF of a map that shows exactly where we are and has more information about the class. All correspondence and training is strictly confidential.