Call 314-691-5005 to set up an offsite class

Call us to have St. Louis CCW come to you.

Tell us how many you need trained and where and when you would like to do it.The host usually gets his/her training free in exchange for setting up and hosting the class. All correspondence and training is strictly confidential.

The fee is $125 per person. Everyone in your group should be willing to come to our website and pre-pay once your class is named and posted. A great deal of planning goes into this and when I go off site to do a class, I usually am turning down some who would have come to me that day. Plus I have to prepare all your certificates in advance. Last minute signups may pay in cash at the class and can be allowed in at your discretion.
Our mailing address is:

St. Louis CCW
Box 86
Lonedell, MO 63060.