Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get everything I need to get a license to carry?

Yes, but carrying a gun won't save you, your training will.

Safety & marksmanship should only be where your knowledge begins. You can take our class this week because they are smaller and more frequent. Take one and you'll understand why a lot of folks who HAVE their license to carry come here anyway. See the cost/location tab above.

*NOTE: A full CCW class will not be ideal for a novice. If you are a new shooter, the amount of information in our CCW class may be overwhelming. If this is you, click the Intro tab and get comfortable with basic safety and marksmanship first. Or, come to a smaller class and we'll spend extra time with you.

I'm looking to buy a gun. Do you sell them?

We used to. Now we just do training. We have no conflict of interest recommending a gun or holster. In the carry class, we spend an hour on the good and bad aspects of how each type of mechanism operates. Individual consulting on a gun or holster purchase gets you advice from someone other than the person who's selling it.
I have never owned a gun. Do you have a class for me?
Click the INTRO tab above. We'll teach you safety and marksmanship for only $60/person with your gun or ours and you can qualify for CCW privately (FREE for K-12 teachers).
Do I have to shoot with a group?
Make an appointment for an INTRO and you can shoot privately with an instructor. Then you can attend any class you want and get out early when the rest of the class shoots.
How large are your classes?
We try to limit the CCW class to 12. The intro is usually 2-6 people.
What days do you do classes?
This isn't a weekend thing for us. Professional handgun training happens here daily.
How long have you been handgun instructors?
Greg and Leilani have both been NRA certified instructors since 1993. They take ongoing training several times a year to improve. Greg works FULL TIME as a handgun instructor. He completed POST instructor certification at Law Enforcement Training Institute in 1995. He's carried the same gun the same way every day for 25 years and can tell you things about carrying a concealed weapon many others can only guess at.

How to apply for a license to carry in MO

Do I apply for a license before taking training?

You take training FIRST. For when, where and cost, click the 'Cost/Location' tab above.
To apply for a license you must be 19 years old and bring your training certificate with you. Application for a license to carry a gun in Missouri is made at the Sheriff of your county. If you live in St. Louis County, you apply in Clayton on the lower level of the old courthouse at the County Police records room. City of St. Louis residents apply to the city Sheriff. They will take your picture and fingerprints and up to $100. They then have 45 days to approve your application. You must return in person when notified to pick it up. It will list an expiration date in five years when you must return to the Sheriff to apply for a renewal. Renewals can cost up to $50 and there is no additional training required. However, many people return to us at that time to get an update on the laws and brush up on their skills. Our students only pay $60 for a repeat class. If you have a MO license and want to train with us, you may take our class for $75 if we have open seats.

For regular CCW class cost and locations, click on the tab above.

If you want good training, come be our guest for the day and study defensive techniques while you get your qualification done. We can teach you more in one day than you can learn in a lifetime of target shooting. People come from all over Missouri and Illinois to train here. They are so pleased that many return for more personal training in Advanced 1. From the lunch you are served right down to the quality of the chair you sit on all day, the experience we offer is a cut above the rest. We've been firearms instructors for almost 30 years and we don't just teach the basic class the state requires, so we have a depth of knowledge that instructors who only teach a CCW class just don't have. People who already have their permit come here because we can take them beyond the basics. We do more classes than anybody which results in ours being HALF the size of most others. We would rather hold a couple of small classes per week than a couple of large ones per month. We're so serious about defensive handgun training that if you have a few people, we'll set up a class for you on almost any weekday. Sometimes we don't post these. If you would like to host a class we can even come to you! We travel all over to put on concealed carry permit classes for groups. Just ask for details.

Missouri CCW class information


The fee for the Concealed Carry licensing class is $125/person the first time. A lot of people return, so now it's half price to repeat it. You can get it elsewhere for less (or more). Ask a student from anywhere one question; would they sit in it again? You'll find that many choose to come here more than once! The CCW class includes lunch, soft drinks and eye and ear protection if you need them.

Just check out all the classes posted on the left, click on the one you want to attend, fill out the form and sign up. We'll send you an email confirming your seat with a map attached. If the one you want is posted FULL, you may ask for standby seating in case we get a cancellation. Need a different day? Give us 2 weeks notice and ask. THESE ARE NOT THE ONLY CLASSES.


We're 35 minutes west on Gravois from 270. You could also take 44 to Eureka and cut over to 30 to get here (map sent when you sign-up). You can get a class closer if all you want are basics and paperwork. We'll give you more. That's the reason so many people come here. Click the mailbag tab above to see what past students thought. We offer a higher level of training in a comfortable classroom with a covered shooting area right outside. Enjoy a good lunch and qualify for a Concealed Carry License from Missouri, Florida or Maine in one 8 hour (8-4) class.

If you're coming from the Cuba / Sullivan direction, it's 10 minutes east of the Hwy 44 St. Clair exit on Hwy 30.

If you took it somewhere else and have a MO license you get a $50 discount to get more training and keep up with changes in the law. Join us for a day and learn some real defensive skills to get started on a higher level of training. Begin to understand pistolcraft as a martial art. (Questions? Call 314-691-5005 NO text). You may bring your own handguns and ammo. If you take the Intro, guns and ammo are included. If you have some 9mm to burn, for an extra $20 you can shoot a full auto after class! Ammo NOT included :(.


The course of fire is a 20 round qualification with either a revolver OR a semi-auto. You also need to to practice shooting 20 more rounds. Those who are new to handguns can click on the INTRO tab above and do the shooting privately in the Intro class with our guns.

NO LIVE AMMO ALLOWED IN CLASSROOM. NO EXCEPTIONS. First we extensively review proper handgun safety. Then the good and bad points of both semi-autos and revolvers, including the differing reloading drills. The Weaver stance vs. isosceles, proper grip, marksmanship fundamentals for target work and then as applied on the street. Cleaning and safe storage are touched on as well. After we are satisfied that everyone has a firm grasp of safe gun handling, you get your handguns and ammo from your car and shoot. Bring any handgun and ammo you want to shoot and eye and ear protection if you have them. NOTE: WE DO NOT SELL AMMO. I like to see people shoot guns they intend to carry, but not if it means buying your first one to take the class. If you're new to handguns, take the INTRO first so you can make a more informed decision about what to buy. We do not sell guns, so we have NO conflict of interest when we recommend one for you. The afternoon session covers use of force and firearms laws, and how to survive the court system later.

Where should I apply for my Concealed Carry License?

You must apply for a Missouri concealed carry license in the county where you live. Permit fees vary in the St. Louis area. We list some here; St. Louis County$92 City of St. Louis$100 St Charles$100.00 Lincoln$100 Jefferson$100 Franklin$63.25 Washington$100 Warren$100 Phelps$ Crawford$100 Iron$ St. Genevieve$ Perry$ Montgomery$78.25

If you're new to handguns....

Get a little personal instruction

People use this block of training for lots of reasons. If you're new to guns, you'll get classroom safety instruction and then work closely with an instructor on our range. You can use one of our guns or bring your own. We'll work with you until you are safe and comfortable with any gun you choose. We have a female instructor on staff too if you would like a woman's perspective on any aspect of concealed carry. Click what you want on the left and then chose an option to register. We schedule these mostly by request. (Almost never on a weekend when CCW classes are going on). Usually 4 people is full for one of these, but if we do have one on a weekend there may be more and a little wait time on the range.

$60/person includes guns and ammo (FREE for K-12 teachers). Register a husband and wife and bring kids 14 and under free! Never done when a CCW class is being held.

You can shoot the CCW qualification privately so it's already done when you take the CCW class. You may also use this time to consult about how to carry or set up a gun, install and sight in that new laser or work on any aspect of handgun skill with an instructor on our range and learn techniques to improve your skill OR your marksmanship and see how they are two completely different things! Make an appointment below.


Schedule a date and time

Confirm one with payment

St. Louis CCW's Advanced Classes 1-4

Work closely with an instructor and learn to perform drills that will build skill and safety discipline and help you to react quickly and effectively to multiple threats. Stop training yourself to FIRE at one target and start learning to ACQUIRE more than one! These drills cannot be done at public ranges. $90 gets you two hours on the range one on one with Greg to work on any skill you choose. Personal training is always $60/person for the first hour but if you're alone, additional hours are half the cost. For multiple students, the first hour is $60/person and after the first hour you split the $60/hour rate with everyone. Bring a friend and it cuts the rate in half after the first hour. Bring three friends and after the first hour you split it 4 ways ($15.00/hr each). You still learn things watching others shoot and you need time to load magazines anyway. We schedule these by request so suggest a time that works for you. These sessions will hone your defensive shooting skills.

When most people go to the range, they are going to the range to build self-defense skills. When they get there, they target shoot, which reinforces all the bad habits and wrong muscle memory they have from years of standing in one place shooting at a target that is also standing in one place. These won't win a lethal force encounter. The most important skill you need on the street is to acquire the threat quickly and get shots off NOW, sometimes while on the move.

In Advanced training you have multiple targets to choose from and an instructor by your side. There is nothing in front of you to get in the way of coming up on the target from the low ready or retention position, so we can show you the best way to quickly acquire and fire. We are not limited by the state requirements we have to cover in the CCW class and we can start showing you how to unlearn all the wrong muscle memory target shooting at the range has built into your gun handling.


Request a day and time and then return here after we confirm availability to reserve with a credit card. The Date/Time field will be the subject line in our inbox (so we can tell at a glance what session each mail is about). Use the comments box to let us know things like your skill level and what kind of guns, if any, you will bring and what you want to work on. All correspondence and training is strictly confidential. We will send you back a detailed map to us. If the date you choose is already full, we will call or email you to work out another one. We won't refund a no show without 24 hours notice once we agree to reserve time for you though, so if you would like to call us first, feel free to do so at 314-691-5005 NO text please.

CHOOSE an option to Register

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Concealed Carry in Illinois

We can now qualify you for Illinois

Next date to be announced we will instruct 8 hours of Illinois specific material in two 4 hour evening sessions.

Illinois is issuing licenses to both residents and non-residents as of the first of the year. Greg is now an Illinois approved instructor.

There will be 16 hours of training required for an Illinois concealed carry license.
If you have a group of people and a place to set up a classroom, we can do the first 8 hours at your location and the remaining here at our range so you only have to drive here once. The fee for Illinois concealed carry training is $15.00 per credit hour. You will need a 16 hour Illinois qualification certificate to apply for your license.

We will occasionally post 8 hour Illinois training sessions that will consist of ONLY Illinois law and shooting requirements. This class will be mandatory for all Illinois applicants. You will be able to get (or have already got) the additional hours in most of our other gun classes. A Mo license is good for 4 hours, Florida is good for 4, military service good for 8, NRA classes are good for 8 and so on. There will be people who need 8, 12, or 16 hours and it's up to the individual instructor to sort that out. Details about how it works are here: Download prior training list You will need 2 copies of a certificate/diploma or proof of service for anything you want credit for. One for me and one for the application. When it all adds up I provide a 16 hour Illinois certificate that says I've verified you have the necessary training. We'll charge you $15.00 per credit hour for any you still need to take. Credit hours you provide documentation for will be subtracted from what you must take to meet Illinois requirements. Call me at 314-691-5005 to discuss options.

Non-resident rules

Out of state residents are granted a limited exception to lawfully carry a concealed firearm within a vehicle if they are eligible to carry a firearm in public under the laws of their state or territory of residence and are not prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm under federal law. This rule became effective immediately. If the non-resident leaves his/her vehicle unattended, he or she shall store the firearm within a locked vehicle or locked container within the vehicle in accordance with subsection (b) of Section 65 of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act.

Link to Illinois State Police concealed carry information

Our students send us mail....

Greg, Thanks for your good training, this made Fox 2 news.
A burglar attacked me in my home and demanded money while holding MY XD40 loaded & chambered. That is the only night I forgot to take it to bed.
After getting body slammed (broke 3 ribs) I knew I was dead, so I rolled over & got my Glock, racked & fired. Police say it was a good shoot. I was groggy when woke from a sound sleep and had milliseconds to make my decision. Thanks to your training I got one in him. I am still freaked out over it & feel even worse that I shot him but if I didn't I would be dead.
Several channels wanted my interview but being still freaked I said 'No comment'. Now I feel I should have done the interviews & told the news that without your training and methods I would be dead. So thanks for your excellent training course. Now I gotta go to Hillsboro with my bill of sale & try to get my guns back.

I really enjoyed your class last Sunday. I didn't want to say anything at your class but I am a Commercial Motor Vehicle Officer for the Highway Patrol. I have attended Patrol gun classes for the last 15 years. I can honestly say that your class was the single best 8 hrs of any class I have attended in my 15 years with the Highway Patrol. As a law enforcement officer I went in to your class with low expectations and came out very impressed. You certainly have my endorsement for anyone wanting to take a CC class and feel free to quote me as one who endorses and recommends your school.

I have been shooting for 35 years with six years of military arms training and a member of the NRA. I learned much more than I thought I would, and I thought I knew quite a bit. First and foremost the techniques for safe handling are invaluable and I must thank you for emphasizing it so heavily. I have already re-taught my family safe handling of firearms. Furthermore, your approach to training is unprecedented by anything I have experienced as you had my full attention the entire day, which is saying something from a guy who can't stay awake while sitting for any length of time. I truly learned a great deal and will recommend you to anyone who will listen! Thanks,

The class was far more than I ever expected, even after being recommended by a friend. Your presentation is a well rounded balance of practical, tactical, moral, and legal responsibility of owning a firearm, and carrying lethal force. Having been a target shooter and hunter, with long guns and handguns for 40+ years, I really didn't believe that the class was anything more than meeting a state requirement. HOW WRONG I WAS! I learned more in 8 hours than I had in a lifetime of recreational gun use! And walked away realizing how much more I needed to learn. Your approach to teaching is easily understandable, and sensible.

Truly eye opening experience today. I cannot thank you enough. You reinforced some thought processes I already had and showed me some bad habits that I need to unlearn. Today's class was exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to learning more from you.
Army combat veteran, 249 gunner in Iraq

Thanks again for the outstanding CCW training and for allowing us to have our own training date last Thursday. I have spoken with our entire group since the class and they were all extremely satisfied . . . I was told by a friend that his CCW class from a different company was very cookie cutter and boring. He told me he felt like they were just covering the basic requirements of the training to push the folks thru. We were all very pleased to find that this was not the case with your program and everyone learned so much more than we thought we would. Your insight and techniques were outstanding.

We did not get a chance to personally thank you for the class today. You turned a bureaucratic requirement into a truly informative and interesting experience. I just wanted to get a chance to thank you one on one.
James, Master Sergeant, US Army

I just wanted to tell you thank you for the great class and great instruction. you helped me more in the last few days than i ever thought possible. i came to you because i was told by my friends that have taken your class that u were one of the best and i would have to agree. i was looking for something more helpful than just the minimum basic b.s. and you did not dissapoint, so THANK YOU!

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciated your firearm safety class. I appreciate the way you took extra time to instruct & demonstrate firearm safety to my family. As you know I have 5 kids 3 boys & 2 girls ages 5yo to 15yo. All of them enjoyed your class (and the lunch and hospitality your wife and kids showed them). I noticed the other day my boys were outside playing "guns" (as boys will do) and they were practicing the safety techniques that you taught them. (finger off the trigger, proper sight alignment) Also my littlest one came up to me on his own a few days later and said "Dad this is this a sight picture." as he demonstrated with his fingers and hands. Thank you, the class was definitely worth the money we spent (which was hardly anything) and the patience and instruction you gave my kids and my wife and I was excellent. My wife and I plan on attending your CCW and advance classes in the near future. Thanks to you and to your wife and kids for a great time and educational experience.

Greg explained with great flare and complete joy, what to expect. Carrying a gun is a lot more than (just) that. From picking out a gun to all the reasons for laws and the understanding of them. With all his zest and the ability to teach one how carry a concealed weapon it's the best thought out presentation, And with great insightful commentary.  YOU WILL LEARN . . . . thanks greg.

It will be two years on Jan. 31st since I took your class with two of the guys I work with, and we still rave about how and what we learned from it. I just wanted to say "Thanks" again for the thorough training. I'm sure you think you just scratched the surface, but you instilled a different mindset in us. I can still picture myself listening to your presentations. We all recommend your class over any others as often as we can. I even recommend the class for those who don't even want to carry just to give them the perspective of the situation.

Note for the reader: Every letter above was unsolicited, and none of these people knew me prior to showing up here for training.

Shoot scenarios on a FATS III Simulator!

Scenarios that force shoot/no shoot decisions in a split second

This allows you to try defensive shooting you can't do at target ranges. Try an hour of simulator time and shoot scenarios to see how you actualy perform when caught by surprise and need to react to a threat. (Cannot be done during a CCW class.)

Learn to react quickly and effectively to a threat. Save your ammo and do these drills on our FATS III simulator just like the military and police do! Time on the FATS III simulator is $60 for the first hour, additional hours @$40.

Shoot hundreds of rounds in simulated confrontations while eliminating ammo cost! Stop training yourself to fire at a target and start learning to ACQUIRE and fire on a threat! The operator will play a scenario out on a screen in front of you. The person you see may become life threatening....or not. Think fast, draw and shoot...or not. Find out where your shots go. We replay the situation in slow motion and every shot you fired displays on the screen exactly where and when it hit (or missed).

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Call Greg at 314-691-5005 (NO text) to talk to someone in person.

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Feel free to drop us a line concerning any questions about our training, book titles, or websites. All correspondence will be handled in strict confidence. If you're inquiring about a specific date, enter it on the subject line below. If not, use a subject line that tells us something a little more specific than "CCW class". Subjects that look different than every other one in the inbox get a more timely and reliable response. Instantly submit your request or comment below or take note of our mailing address.

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Sign up here to train with with us in Brumley.

If you have a group and a place to shoot, we can come to you. The fee is $125 per person. We don't serve lunch, but there is a refrigerator and microwave available for whatever you bring to eat and drink. You must qualify with both types of gun so bring $10 per gun to the class if you need us to supply them for you. If you HAVE your MO license already but want defensive handgun training, open seats in the classroom are $60 (space permitting). Checks must be received IN ADVANCE. Make them out to St. Louis CCW. Our mailing address is:

St. Louis CCW  •  Box 86  •  Lonedell, MO 63060
*PLEASE NOTE we've had to add some fine print: Crediting your card costs $5 anytime.
Cancelling a reserved seat later than 5 days before = $20 + $5.

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Sign up below to train with St. Louis CCW.

If you want to reserve a seat now, click the second button under Choose an option. ***PLEASE NOTE: If you take the intro first you can get in any CCW (even full ones) with NO reservation because you already did the range qualification. (FULL means there are no more range sessions on that day, but room in the classroom.)
If you don't want to use a credit card, you may choose to pay at the class by pushing the other button, but we'll need payment in advance to hold a seat if it fills up and we have to turn people away. Send checks to: St. Louis CCW  •  Box 86  •  Lonedell, MO 63060.

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If you already have your license and are refreshing or upgrading your training, just tell us in the comments box and pay at the class, no reservation necessary. Any gun you need to borrow at the CCW class is a $10 per gun per person maintenence fee and you should try to bring 22LR. Do NOT rent our guns if you have your own. There is a $20/person fee if you shoot the submachinegun after class with your factory 9mm (no steel case ammo). Tell us how you'd like us to contact you, what your skill level is, what kind of guns, if any, you will be bringing and where you intend to apply for a carry concealed license. We will email you a PDF of a map that shows exactly where we are and has more information about the class. All correspondence and training is strictly confidential.